Kontrol Freek CQCX - PS4

Kontrol Freek CQCX - PS4 Kontrol Freek CQCX - PS4

Kontrol Freek CQCX - PS4

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Product Information

  • Release date 15 November 2018
CQCX is a versatile and comfortable Performance Thumbstick® that adds 8.6mm of height to your OEM sticks. It was designed for close-quarters combat to provide optimal control in first and third-person shooters but works well for any game or distance.


No matter what your play style, when things get up-close-and-personal, CQCX is the one you want. CQCX was designed for precision during close quarters combat and for rush-type players who like to be the first to the objective.

The comfortable 8.6mm height extension creates a seamless feel for those who prefer less adjustment time or have smaller hands. The domed and dimpled thumb pad provides an extremely even and consistent grip, providing excellent comfort and control. CQCX excels while using shotguns, pistols, melee attacks and when being quick in close confines is the difference between life and death.



Domed and dimpled thumb surface provides excellent control

Faster targeting and better accuracy at short to medium range

Perfect for young gamers and those with smaller hands

Little-to-no adjustment period thanks to small height increase





Grand Theft Auto V

Fallout 4