Sniper Elite III - Xbox One

Sniper Elite III - Xbox One Sniper Elite III - Xbox One

Sniper Elite III - Xbox One

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Product Information

  • Release date 30 June 2014
Stalk expansive multi-route environments up to 3 times larger than levels in Sniper Elite V2 Use stealth, distraction, sound masking, and traps in your own way to adapt to any situation Multi-stage destruction allows you to take out armoured cars, trucks, and tanks piece by piece Revamped human X-ray kill cam includes detailed muscle layer and full circulatory system 5 extreme modes of competitive multiplayer plus 2-player co-op campaign and extra modes
  • Co-Op - Up to two players can choose from Story Campaign, Over watch and the all-new Survival mission. For Survival, gamers take on an endurance challenge against everything the German Afrika Korps can throw at them.
  • Competitive MP - Five modes of competitive action are featured: Deathmatch; Team Deathmatch; Distance King; Team Distance King; No Cross which is Team Deathmatch with a twist - both teams are separated with no risk of close-quarter surprise.
  • Afrika Korps AI - The game features a rebuilt AI system emphasizing squad roles and tactics as well as clearer cues for engagement and detection.
  • X-Ray Kill-Cam - This favorite feature showcases even greater detail including circulatory system and muscle layer.
  • Combat - Detailed feedback is given to players in order to decide how best to deal with both long-range and short-range combat. Improved stealth melee combat gives additional ways to take out enemies without being seen.