Titanfall 2 - PC Origin Code

Titanfall 2 - PC Origin Code Titanfall 2 - PC Origin Code

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Titanfall 2 - PC Origin Code

LE 425.00
Titanfall 2 is a sequel to the innovative Titanfall, merging swift, acrobatic infantry gunplay with mech combat in a way never before seen. Titanfall 2 improves on every aspect of its predecessor and adds features beyond that. Titanfall 2 Origin features Pre-order bonus - Pre-order to receive unique Nitro Warpaint and Nose Art for your Scorch, and a Callsign for your Pilot to stand out from the crowd 6 Unique Titans - Scorch, Ion, Tone, Ronin, Legion, and Northstar wait for you to become their pilot 7 Pilot Tacticals - your Pilot may change the face of the battle with unique gadgets. Deploy holographic decoys, search for enemies with Pulse Blade's sonar, use Grapple to swing across the levels with deadly grace. Define your playstyle Full singleplayer campaign - enter the shoes of Jack Cooper as he forges a connection with a veteran Titan on their journey across a hostile world New multiplayer modes - Bounty Hunt, Pilot vs Pilot, and Amped Hardpoint wait for daring Pilots to test themselves Community support - Titanfall 2 introduces the Networks system for improved connectivity and interaction between players


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