Knowledge is Power

Knowledge is Power Knowledge is Power
Genre: Arcade

Knowledge is Power

EGP 835.00

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Bye bye buttons - As a PlayLink game, Knowledge is Power can be played with phones and tablets, using touchscreen controls available now at Games 2 Egypt It's simple - if your Grandma can use Facebook, she can do this. Be the star of the show - Because few of us can go an hour without taking a picture of our own face these days, Knowledge is Power lets you customise your characters with selfies. You're guided through the Pyramid of Knowledge by Max, a gameshow host with charm, confidence, and more teeth than a toothpaste ad. Let's talk tactics - Don't worry if you're rubbish at quiz questions - use Power Plays like bombs and ice to sabotage your smarter opponents. You can even gang up with others, forming alliances and devising devious plots to bring your rivals down. It's just like regular family life!

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