Yomawari: Midnight Shadows

Yomawari: Midnight Shadows Yomawari: Midnight Shadows

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Genre: Adventure

Yomawari: Midnight Shadows

EGP 699.00
A Complete Town to Explore: Enter abandoned homes, climb through junk yards and up mountains, or venture into dark sewers in your search. Two Views of the Dark: Search the night and explore a town as either of Yomawari: Midnight Shadow's two characters. What you find with one may serve as a clue, or even save the other. Horrors, Oddities, and Mysteries: You'll encounter horrors birthed in nightmares, oddities that will make you question what is real, and mysteries that may just keep you up at night. Gorgeous Style: Enter the dark with haunting art to view the city and from above, and get close to the heart-pounding moments in beautifully imagined side-scrolling set pieces.

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