Kontrol Freek A tomic - Xbox On

Kontrol Freek Atomic - Xbox One

Kontrol Freek Atomic - Xbox One

LE 395.00
With Kontrol Freek Atomic Fusing FreekNation style and KontrolFreek performance for Xbox One, Atomic is your newest gaming weapon

KontrolFreek Atomic is the first Performance Thumbstick™ created in collaboration with FreekNation™. Created in collaboration with FreekNation member, Mariah S., Atomic’s explosive design and mid-range height promotes airflow, prevents slipping and provides unsurpassed comfort while gaming.

Fusing FreekNation style and KontrolFreek performance, Atomic is your newest gaming weapon. Whether you’re a lone wanderer traversing the wasteland or battling it out with friends online, Atomic is versatile enough to blow up any obstacle you face. The burnt-orange design features notched grooves around the entire thumbstick surface, promoting airflow to increase grip and control. Additionally, Atomic adds only 7.81mm to your standard thumbstick, minimally impacting your game with a nominal adjustment time while improving your comfort level.


Original burnt-orange design created with FreekNation

Circular pattern maximizes comfort for any gaming style

Notched grooves promote airflow to prevent slipping

Minimal height increase for little-to-no adjustment period

Better quickness and control at short-to-medium range in action RPGs, first person shooters, and adventure games

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