Kontrol Freek FPS Fre ek Inferno - Xbox One

Kontrol Freek FPS Freek Inferno - Xbox One
Genre: Shooter

Kontrol Freek FPS Freek Inferno - Xbox One

LE 395.00
FPS Freek Inferno - Xbox One from Games2Egypt adds 10.1mm of height to your OEM sticks, increasing overall accuracy and control. It is intended for first-person shooters but can be used for third-person shooters, action/adventure and more.

Inferno’s 10.1mm of added height increases the analog stick radial distance by 47%, which provides a range of motion increase of 135.5%. This gives you the ability to make smaller, more precise in-game movements, affording you the luxury of turning up controller sensitivities to maximum levels so you can turn on your opponents faster and gain the upper-hand.


Increased accuracy at medium-to-long range

Concave spiral pattern for “on-demand” grip

Proven to increase player Kill/Death Ratio

Reduces wrist, hand and thumb fatigue 


Call of Duty


World of Tanks

Rainbow Six Seige


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