PUBG Mobile Controller AK-16

PUBG Mobile Controller AK-16 PUBG Mobile Controller AK-16

PUBG Mobile Controller AK-16

EGP 110.00

Get it delivered tomorrow in Cairo & Giza

Now the mobile controller for PUBG game is available at Games 2 Egypt Reversible design unobstructed, 180° reversible game accessible The most comfortable grip for you, ergonomic design, comfortable grip, no tiredness after playing for a long time. The rear trigger button, the mold city real shot, the alloy trigger, sensitive and no delay, behind the gun, the operation is more convenient. Pure physical pressing does not escape the fire. It adopts a touch-type pressing head, which can be fired and can be single point. Foldable snap-on mobile phone holder, rear retractable folding buckle, convenient and fast, second change mobile phone holder.


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