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Tchia - PS4

Tchia - PS4 Tchia - PS4
Genre: Adventure

Tchia - PS4

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Take Tchia on a heartfelt adventure and meet a diverse cast of characters inspired by New Caledonian cultures. Fully animated cutscenes voiced in traditional language will punctuate your journey, while an original orchestral score infused with local sounds creates a unique and immersive world. Play it now on PlayStation 4

Exploration and traversal

Jump and glide your way across a vast archipelago and use the tricks system for cool stunts and dives. 

Your free-climbing ability lets you ascend anything in the world without restriction, including any physics-driven tree. Sail your customizable boat on turquoise lagoons and dive around coral reefs and shipwrecks.

Soul jumping

Tchia's special gift lets you take control of any animal or object you can find. Use their unique movement and abilities to travel, solve puzzles and uncover secrets. 

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Fly around as a bird, explore the ocean as a fish or dig for treasures as a dog. There are over 30 playable animals and hundreds of objects to find and try!

Character customization

Stylize Tchia’s clothing and boat with hundreds of unlockable cosmetic items ranging from a traditional look to the most over the top options. 

You will also unlock useful and fun tools along the way such as a flashlight, slingshot, compass, camera and much more! 

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Inspired by New Caledonia

The world of Tchia was inspired by New Caledonia, a tiny island in the Pacific Ocean and homeland of Awaceb's co-founders. 

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Inspiration was taken from the rich and varied local landscapes, cultures, music, languages, folklores and traditions and was used to create a fictional world and to tell a universal story that anyone can understand and enjoy.