Die by the Blade - PS5

Die by the Blade - PS5 Die by the Blade - PS5
Genre: Action

Die by the Blade - PS5

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Die by the Blade is a 1v1 weapons-focused fighter where the difference between victory and death can amount to a single strike of the blade. In the game there are no health bars, so you can’t afford to get comfortable and let your guard down. One-hit kill system leaves no room for error. Carve your path through this samurai-punk world with nothing but your trusty weapon by your side. You can play it in single, local or online multiplayer mode. Play it on PlayStation 5 from Games 2 Egypt

who is yoshiide?

In the story-driven single-player mode you will play as Yoshiide who is a travelling swordsman in an alternative future “cyberpunk” Japan.

He is ready to help the locals with problems they are facing, whether it’s bandits or other menial tasks, but he doesn't really care for problems that is bigger than he is ,so when he begun to encounter the signs of warfare: burned villages, abandoned houses, empty nets, or broken ships at the shore, he was unconcerned. As he likes to remark: “Why should a fly be concerned with the flow of an ocean?”

In his way he spies, up in the mountains,  a column of smoke coming from a nearby village, he approaches the outskirts of the village and sees a couple of men in armour throwing dead bodies into a bonfire. The village around them is slowly burning away.

 “The night attacks have proven successful for the raiders,” he thinks to himself.

But the soldiers do not look like bandits… Who are they and why are they attacking this seemingly unimportant village?

Will you have what it takes to become a master samurai? Or will you fall like countless others before you?

In Die by the Blade, there are no health bars, so you can’t afford to get comfortable and let your guard down.
Our one-hit kill system leaves no room for error.

If you want to survive, you’ll need to master the parrying mechanic, memorise the combos for your chosen weapon, and sharpen your reflexes. The victor of any battle could be decided in a matter of seconds, so be prepared for multiple quick bouts against your opponents.

Choose Your Weapon

A true warrior is defined by their mastery of the blade.

Your moveset will be determined by your choice of weapon rather than your choice of character. Will you sacrifice your speed for the powerful two-handed nodachi? Or will you overwhelm your enemy with a flurry of strikes from the nimble katana?

The weapons-focused moveset system means that you are free to choose any character that suits you without it affecting your playstyle. Pick the character whose backstory most resonates with you or mould them into your ideal warrior using our character customization features!