Ultimate Game Card - US$50

Ultimate Game Card - US$50

Ultimate Game Card - US$50

LE 505.00
Ultimate Card Games is a game created by Telegames for the Game Boy Advance and Nintendo DS platforms. It contains several thinking games, such as Poker and Solitaire
Item Description

What is Ultimate Game Card?
Ultimate Game Card is one of the top-selling prepaid game cards redeemable with PlaySpan to access hundreds of the most popular online games.


Ultimate Game Cards are a great way to pay for the games you love without the need of a game specific gamecard.

How does it work?
Ultimate Game Card is a whole new way to pay for over 1000 of the top online games.  It operates much like

a normal game card except it is not dedicated to a single game.

Ranging in demoniations from $5 to $50 it can be used for a wide range of things from prepaid payment for subscriptions or items from cash shops.

Can I use the funds for multiple games?
All funds from an Ultimate Game Card can only go to one game of your choice.

What games can I buy with Ultimate Game Card?
Redeem the Ultimate Game Card with PlaySpan to get access to digital content on your favorite online games! Some of the games available with Ultimate Game Card are listed below:


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