Pro Evolution Soccer 2015 Online Code

Pro Evolution Soccer 2015  Online Code Pro Evolution Soccer 2015  Online Code

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Pro Evolution Soccer 2015 Online Code

EGP 365.00

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•Excitement Of Goals - A new shooting system allows a variety of unrestricted shooting styles •Final Pass - Passing options available to players when delivering a final pass have been expanded •1 on 1 - Ability to dribble into space and beat your marker is now hugely improved •Incredible Response Times - Lightning fast controls for instinctive reactions when the ball is in play •Full Pitch AI - Constantly adjusted covering everything that develops on the pitch


PES 2015 is centered on the mantra 'the pitch is ours.' Through the combined efforts of the Tokyo and Windsor-based PES Productions team, the heart-thumping and nail-biting moments of top-flight football have been perfectly recreated. PES 2015 sees a true return to core PES values of total control, super responsive controls and renowned gameplay, where the user has unrestricted control over how they play. KONAMI has completely reworked a raft of key elements to ensure every pass, shot or off-the-ball run is finely balanced to give maximum player satisfaction within PES 2015's on-field action.


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