LEGO City Under cover - Xbox On

LEGO City Undercover - Xbox One

LEGO City Undercover - Xbox One

LE 805.00
Become LEGO City's finest & play LEGO City Undercover for Xbox One from Games 2 Egypt - Assume the identity of undercover police officer, Chase McCain, and track down the fiendish Rex Fury to finally put an end to his city-wide crime wave Explore the city - With more than 20 distinct districts to investigate, LEGO CITY is a bustling metropolis that is ripe for exploration and filled to the brim with people on the streets to interact with, criminals to take down and hundreds of collectibles. Be a master of disguise - As a man of many talents, Chase McCain has eight disguises to choose from, each with unique skills and abilities to infiltrate every corner of the city, allowing him to access places a regular old officer can't.

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