Kontrol Freek Overwatch - PS

Kontrol Freek Overwatch - PS4

Kontrol Freek Overwatch - PS4

LE 390.00
KontrolFreek’s Overwatch are designed for gamers hoping to secure the Overwatch universe

The world needs heroes, and KontrolFreek’s® Overwatch® Performance Thumbsticks® are designed for gamers hoping to secure the Overwatch universe. Featuring one high-rise and one mid-rise thumbstick, this set will provide exceptional versatility, comfort, and control whether you’re knocking the enemy team off the map, shooting a barrage of rockets, or healing your fellow heroes with an Orb of Harmony.

This legendary orange Performance Thumbstick  set features a unique laser-etched Overwatch design and intense grip. It pairs two different height thumbsticks for maximum versatility. The high-rise convex thumbstick (11.1mm) increases range of motion by 120% and is designed for precision targeting on your right analog. The mid-rise, convex thumbstick (6.7mm) improves quickness and control at short-to-medium ranges.


Laser-etched Overwatch design developed with Blizzard Entertainment

Made from KontrolFreek’s proprietary composite material for improved comfort

Versatile dual-height combination for faster target acquisition and quicker player movements

High-rise thumbstick improves accuracy and aim

Mid-rise thumbstick increases agility and control




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