Kingdom Come: Deli verance - Used -PS

Kingdom Come: Deliverance - Used -PS4
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Kingdom Come: Deliverance - Used -PS4

LE 300.00
Massive realistic open world: Majestic castles, vast fields, all rendered in stunning high-end graphics Non-linear story: Solve quests in multiple ways, then face the consequences of your decisions Challenging combat: Distance, stealth, or melee. Choose your weapons and execute dozens of unique combos in battles that are as thrilling as they are merciless. Character development: Choose your equipment, improve your skills and earn new perks. Dynamic world: Your actions influence the reactions of the people around you. Fight, steal, seduce, threaten, persuade, or bribe. It's all up to you Historical accuracy: Meet real historical characters and experience the genuine look and feel of medieval Bohemia.

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